£ 6million investment to improve green spaces in London


London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced an additional £ 6million investment in the ‘Grow Back Greener’ fund to improve London’s outdoor spaces, focusing on some of the most disadvantaged areas

The £ 1.2million Grow Back Greener Fund, with £ 500,000 provided by Thames Water, will provide grants to dozens of community projects to help more Londoners access green spaces in their neighborhoods.

It will focus on the most disadvantaged areas, supporting community gardens, food crop projects, pocket parks and cleaner waterways.

Separately, the new £ 4million Green and Resilient Space Fund will support large-scale green space projects, helping tackle the climate emergency by reducing the risk of flooding and keeping our city cool. .

This could include restoring rivers, creating new wetlands, opening new green connections between parks, or creating new forests.

Funding will be targeted where it’s needed most, using cutting-edge data, including our new climate risk map, which highlights where Londoners are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the vital importance of London’s green spaces to the health and well-being of Londoners. London’s parks saw the biggest increase in use of anywhere in the country during the first lockdown last spring.

The lockdown also highlighted the inequalities in access to green spaces in our city.

Khan visited the Cookbook Edible Library project which received funding during the Mayor’s Grow Back Greener Fund undergraduate in December 2020.

The project transformed unused land to create a community kitchen and garden at St Ann’s Library, which helps local families and young people learn how to grow and cook their own food, as well as giving to 14-24 year olds. the chance to learn new skills while participating in outdoor activities, including building and gardening.

Large green spaces

Sarah Bentley, CEO of Thames Water, said: “I am delighted that we are partnering with the Mayor of London on the Grow Back Greener program, which is closely linked to our own goals of protecting the environment and investing in the communities we serve.

“We have kept the Walthamstow Wetlands open during the closures, allowing over 650,000 Londoners to enjoy the fresh air and see the wildlife the site has to offer. It really meant a lot to us to be able to share such an incredible space during this difficult time.

“Not everyone has a nature reserve or waterway on their doorstep, however, so creating more green spaces in the neighborhood is something I strongly support and am proud that we are co-funding this inspiring initiative to create a positive legacy that generations can benefit from. ”

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said: “As mayor, I want London to lead the way in tackling the climate emergency and that all Londoners have access to great green spaces close to where they live. residence.

“The new funding I’m announcing today at London Climate Action Week is just the start of even bigger investments in green space, nature and projects to help tackle the climate emergency.

“The community-led projects that benefit from this program offer much more than just improved green space for local communities.

“The Cookbook Edible Library project that I am visiting today provides an educational and safe space for young people to develop new skills – providing positive opportunities and alternatives for those who may be vulnerable to gang membership. “


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