Britons more to the left on economic policies than the French, according to poll


It’s not just businesses the Brits want to target – the rich are on the hit list too.

More than four-fifths say it’s important to raise taxes for the rich – well above three-quarters in Germany, the 70% in the United States and 68% in France who agree.

Meanwhile, Britons are more eager to obtain additional aid, whether in the form of benefits for the less well off or a Universal Basic Income (UBI) for all.

Almost 80% in the UK are in favor of a UBI, compared to 68% in France, two-thirds in Germany and 52% in the United States.

Similarly, 86% of Britons want to increase their spending on social benefits – tied with Germany and ahead of the United States at 77%, and France, 72%.

The main way in which the French are more radical than the British is in their desire to overthrow the whole system.

One in eight people in France think the economic system should be “completely reformed”, with 58% calling for “major changes”, or a total of 70% wanting a serious overhaul.

In contrast, in Great Britain, the United States and Germany, only 50% agree.

In the UK, those who voted in the 2016 referendum are more radical than the incumbents, with 57% of Europhiles calling for an overhaul of the economic system, compared to 43% of those who supported Brexit.

Britons are also generally more optimistic about the future, as two-thirds think they have a good chance of improving their standard of living, compared to just 51% in France.


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