How to use your credit card to your advantage


The credit card is a very popular means of financial transactions these days. However, for its use to be healthy and unnecessary debts not to be incurred, it is necessary to follow some measures. Find out what are the best ways to use the card to your advantage!

Organize your finances

One of the most productive ways to use a credit card is as an ally to organize all finances and expenses, according to your budget. Almost nobody can write down every single thing he buys every day, so buying on the card is a great solution, after all all expenses can be seen in your monthly or partial statement, through the internet and ATMs. Make it a habit to consult the statement frequently and avoid paying government services, such as water and electricity bills as interest rates are paid.

Don’t delay invoice payment

Another important way to have your credit card as an ally is not to delay payment of invoices, or to pay only the minimum amount . If used prudently and always within the limits of your budget, payment can be made accordingly. Otherwise, the interest charged is very high. Even if the limit is higher than what your income allows, ask the operator to decrease it.

Free benefits

Opt for a credit card that offers some kind of advantage, such as points or miles programs , but avoid the paid options. It is important to emphasize that normal expenses should never be increased just to accumulate points. In addition, attention should always be paid to their expiration dates.

The less, the better!

Never have more than three cards. If you can, have only one. The more cards, the more difficult it is to plan the budget and the easier it is to lose control of the situation. In the case of dependent cards, place a limit in line with what you can pay.

Buy after closing monthly invoice

The day after the invoice is closed (usually between ten and five days before the due date) is the best day to purchase your credit card . When buying on that day, you only need to pay 40 days later.

By following these tips, your card usage will be optimized and you will never be scared when you receive your invoices monthly. Before choosing your card, visit now and discover the best offers and plans on the market for free.


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