Pension loan supplement for retirees who continue to contribute


What is the pension loan for retirees?

The supplement is an increase in the pension loan due to those who paid the contributions in the periods following the effective date of the pension loan.

Subsequent contributions after the first supplement allow you to receive additional supplements.

Who is it for?

The pension loan supplement is due to all pension loaners who continue to pay contributions in the various Social Institute management, for work periods following the start of the pension loan.mThe pension loaners of the Separate Management can request the pension loan supplement only for contributions paid, after the effective date, in the same management.

In the event of the pension loaner ‘s death, the supplements are used to calculate the survivors’ pension loan. The contribution periods paid after the start of the pension loan may, based on the payment period, determine the reconstitution of supplements previously granted.

How the pension loan supplement for retirees works

Supplements run from the first day of the month following the month of submission of the application and are regulated in a different way, based on:

  • the contribution used;
  • the pension loan on which they must be paid;
  • their start.

How much it is?

The amount obtained from the calculation of the supplement is added to the amount of the pension loan also for the purposes of the thirteenth month. Supplements do not in fact give rise to the issue of separate pension loan certificates.

For holders of integrated pension loan with the minimum treatment, the supplements paid are absorbed by the integration with the minimum treatment and, in the case of partial absorption, the pension loaner is paid the surplus.

The calculation of the supplementary share relating to seniority contributions, acquired from 1 January 2012, is carried out with the contribution calculation system. Nothing has changed, however, for the portion of the supplement relating to seniority accrued by 31 December 2011.

Also from 1 January 2012, those who meet the requirements for entitlement to old-age and early retirement pension loans, for the payment of the supplement, will have to take into account the new personal data for access to the old-age pension loan and the increases in life expectancy introduced by law n. 214 of 2011.

What are the are the requirements needed?

The contributions paid in the Compulsory General Insurance (AGO) or in the Self-Employed Management after retirement give the right to the payment of a supplement, only if the age for the old-age pension loan foreseen by the relative management has been reached and at least five have passed years from the effective date of the pension loan or the previous supplement. The age requirement is not required for the payment of the supplement in the separate management.

If only two years have elapsed from the commencement of the pension loan or from the previous supplement, the interested party can request the liquidation of the pension loan once only, provided that he is of the expected age for the old-age pension loan.

If the interested party has already received a supplement for contributions to be paid by the AGO, after two years he will no longer be able to use the supplement for contributions from the Autonomous Administrations and will have to wait five years (Circular 60067 AGO of 4.6.1981).

In the case of Special Management on pension loan paid by the Compulsory General Insurance, the supplement may also concern the contribution prior to the start of the pension loan (Law 613/1966, art. 26).


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